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About my work


Nature, and in particular the plant kingdom is a prominent theme in my work. And which I weave together with the subjective

issues I find inspiring, i.e. the complexities of the human condition.

In the year 2000 I graduated with a MFA degree in Video and Sound Installations from Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.

In recent years my work mostly consists out of objects and cut-outs in paper or metal, as well as refined graphite

pencil or chalk drawings on dried foliage.

Over the last few years I have developed a special technique of transforming plant and tree leaves

into sheets for drawing.  

Technical description of the leaf drawings:

Each leaf is placed in a mixture that dissolves its soft tissue. Then it is dried and only the supporting fabric remains, which is cellulose.


Cellulose is a fiber (polysaccharide) that gives the plant it’s structure. Cellulose is a very durable material at normal humidity.


The best-known example are the papyrus drawings from ancient Egypt.

Framed and stored at room temperature, the shelf life of the sheet drawings is equivalent to oil or acrylic paintings and drawings on paper.


As with all artwork, I strongly recommend not hanging the leaf drawings in direct sunlight or placing them in high humidity.


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