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Nature, particularly the plant kingdom, is a prominent theme in the work of Gígja Reynisdóttir. 

In a unique way, she weaves together natural forms/sources with subjective issues she finds inspiring, in particular, the complexities of the human condition. 


In the year 2000, Gígja graduated with a MFA degree from Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. Since then she has been living and working in Holland.


In general respect, it is possible to divide Gígja’s work on one hand into sculptures and cut-outs, whereas on the other hand she also makes refined pencil and chalk drawings. In recent years, she has developed a special technique of transforming plant and tree leaves into sheets for drawing.  


In her local environment in northern Holland Gígja collects different sorts of leaves, both from wild vegetation and from garden foliage and houseplants. Her drawings include graphite pencil drawings and chalk portrayals. 

The foliage, she chooses to work with, often counts as modest specimens, which we as humans are prone to pass unnoticed. 

Interview Ron Flens | The Culture Club | NH Nieuws 
Feb 2023 |

Also for commissioned work

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